Meeting formwork demands on Hinkley Point C

Infrastructure for Power & Water

Temporary works that improve your workflow.

Our work in the power and water sector spans from water treatment facilities to renewable energy infrastructure to the UK’s largest nuclear power plant and beyond. Whether it’s single-sided construction or access and climbing formwork for secondary linings, we have the systems that enable you to build seamlessly.

Complex and time-bound

Due to the scale of projects in this sector, construction programmes can span several years. Keeping construction costs and time to a minimum can make all the difference. Involving our team of experts early in the process means we can plan ahead, together. Challenges like space and topography can be factored into the design of our temporary works systems to provide you with the right solution for your project.


  • The drum formwork was integrated with heavy-duty trusses comprising RCS rail frames and heavy-duty rollers to facilitate movement.
    Water infrastructure

    For shaft and dams, we can offer single-sided, tie-free formwork application.

    For surfaces and structures that need to be watertight, it’s important to use suitable anchors, sealing systems and formwork that can produce fair faced concrete finishes.

  • Meeting formwork demands on Hinkley Point C
    Power & Energy plants

    Our PERI UP scaffolding system can provide a range of solutions on these projects, from temporary integrated access to heavy-duty shoring and reinforcement applications.

    Whether it’s complex geometries or limited space, we have a formwork solution for any challenge.