Bermondsey Drive Under

Bermondsey Dive Under
London, United Kingdom

Project start: January 2015, completion December 2016.

This particular phase was completed in six months when it would normally take a year.




The Project


Project Information

Default Person
Default Person
Ian Wise
Project Manager
Considering we had 20 or 30 activities ongoing daily during each concrete pour, as well as up to 60 tonnes of kit from 2-3 deliveries a day, this project was an incredible achievement. Without PERI’s support through the design stage and the versatility and ease of use of PERI UP, we would not have completed this project on time. We would have had to build our own intermediate decks and sacrifice work space for storage. The fact PERI could supply huge volumes of kit with no reuse is a major reason this stage of the project was a success.

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Bermondsey Drive Under
Bermondsey Drive Under