VGK Design Tool

VGK Design Tool

With the VGK Design Tool the user determines easily, quickly and precisely the permissible width of influence of the VGK Cantilevered Parapet Bracket for various boundary conditions.

The VGK Design Tool provides quick and easy support in determining the permissible widths of influence of the VGK Cantilevered Parapet Bracket and anchor forces for your individual project boundary conditions. The load-bearing capacity of the selected anchorage under approval-compliant boundary conditions has already been taken into account.

The App

After selecting the desired VGK configuration, entering the parapet width and height as well as other project-specific boundary conditions, the user receives the permissible width of influence of the VGK parapet brackets. The load bearing capacity of the anchor is already taken into account under approval-compliant boundary conditions.

Then the requested width of influence for the execution is entered.

For this existing width of influence, the effective anchor forces NSd [kN] and VSd [kN] are displayed in the results data sheet.

In addition, the results data sheet sums up all entered project boundary conditions as well as a comparison of the permissible and existing width of influence and can thus be used for project documentation.

Calculation basis

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Additional information

  • Instructions for Assembly and Use VGK Cantilevered Parapet Bracket
  • PERI Tables 2015