The A52 Clifton Bridge, a major National Highways upgrade project in Nottingham, is a complex structure, which required repairs inside and underneath the bridge to strengthen the concrete.

Bridge Infrastructure

Deliver structures that are built to last.

We’ve supported a range of bridge-building and repair projects across the UK. No matter what type of bridge project you’re working on, our formwork, scaffolding and digital solutions can make construction simpler and safer.

Bridges are made of multiple structural components and are often located in challenging environments where access is limited, or traffic is still operational. We approach these types of multifaceted projects by engaging early with you to understand your requirements, align our operations with your construction schedule and help you safely deliver a structure that is built to last.

How we can support you

Below are just some of our solutions.

  • PERI products work together to deliver built-to-last structures.
    Delivering quality

    Achieve any highways design specification with our range of products. From flexible formwork to insightful sensor technology, we can help you achieve the desired result for your project.

  • PERI provides 3d modelling to enable clients to plan ahead and prevent risks.
    Forward thinking

    We’ve produced 3D modelling and animations for bridge projects to give site teams a better understanding of construction sequences, enabling them to plan ahead and prevent risks that might affect their programme.

    Here you can see a 3D render of our PERI UP Flex scaffolding birdcage and access solutions, which was used in the planning stage for the structural repair works on the A52 Clifton Bridge.

  • PERI can provide multiple services to assist with your projects.
    Available services for your project


Take a look at how we’ve supported bridge construction projects

Luton DART - 3D Pier Animation


  • Customer Testimonial
    Richard Fahey
    Contract Manager, NJ Doyne
    "What’s interesting about the tunnel is that its curved shape has been achieved by reusing straight formwork. The mobile solution for the pier table system has worked brilliantly and has reduced repositioning times, especially within the confined area."

PERI Bridge Construction

Scaffold-free cantilever formwork for steel composite and precast concrete bridges
Construction of superstructures using the balanced cantilever method – fast and dimensionally-accurate
VARIOKIT Heavy-duty shoring: Either the Heavy-Duty Tower as the Truss Girder are adjustable to the correct height and length.
Supporting structures cost-effectively erected with system – with materials and expertise from a single source
Formwork carriage used on the steel substructure for the construction of carriageway slabs
PERI UP Flex Modular Working Scaffold: Extremely flexible work scaffold for a wide range of applications.
The lightweight for new construction and refurbishment projects
PERI UP Flex Stair Steel 100,125: For high requirements regarding load bearing capacity and accessibility.
The PERI UP Loading Bay in a standard arrangement can be loaded up to 10kN/m²
PERI UP Flex Shoring: The maximum level of flexibility.
The lightweight stair tower for flexible access solutions
The suspended scaffold can be manoeuvred with little effort due to smooth plastic rollers.
PERI UP Flex Reinforcement R75,100: Modular Reinforcement Scaffold for efficient work.
VARIOKIT Cantilevered parapet system: A safe and clean solution for short bridges and redevelopment.
VARIOKIT Composite bridge system: The formwork carriage, which consists of rentable standard material, is optimally adapted to the geometrical and static boundary conditions and therefore provides a very cost-effective solution.
The mobile solution installed below for bridges over 150 m long
For wide-span working platforms and temporary pedestrian footbridges

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