HANDSET Alpha offers a high degree of application flexibility. The panels can be used for a wide range of construction projects.

HANDSET Alpha Panel Formwork

Robust and economical formwork system for crane-independent applications

HANDSET Alpha is a light-weight steel frame / plywood faced formwork system for walls, foundations and columns.

The system consists of a low number of sophisticated components and multifunctional panels that make handling intuitive.


  • Particularly high versatility

    due to its suitability for walls, columns and foundations 

  • Simplified material management

    due to integrated brace connectors and multifunctional panels 

  • Lean and efficient portfolio

    with only three panel heights and widths in each case, with inside and outside corners 


  • Handset Alpha
    Ergonomic handling

    Assembly is carried out quickly and intuitively by only two people and no crane needed

  • Flexible column sizes, ranging from 150 mm x 150 mm to 900 mm x 900 mm and up to 75 kN/m² concrete pressure, can be formed without extra tie rod.
    High flexibility

    The multi-panels with integrated tie holes at 5 cm intervals provide a high degree of flexibility

    Time and cost savings

    The low number of reusable system components reduces the amount of material loss on the construction site as well as the amount of timber required.

    Explore a revolutionary construction solution with the PERI HANDSET Alpha - a groundbreaking 4-in-1 system that introduces a new dimension to formwork universality. This innovative system enables you to effortlessly shape walls, columns, foundations, and beam sides using a single, versatile system. Experience less weight, more flexibility, and better handling on site, making construction more efficient, safer, and faster.

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