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VT 20K Formwork Girder


With an overall height of 20cm, the VT20 K is optimised for use in slab formwork operations, especially for thin slabs with short spans.

The solid web girder is extremely economical to use also for special solutions – ranging from simple beams through to bridge or tunnel formwork projects. The girder is available in 11 lengths from 1.45 m to 5.90m with robust steel caps fitted at the end of the chords. These steel caps along with the concave strut end provide the girder with reliable protection against damage.

Robust with steel caps on the chord ends and concave web ends.

High quality chords made of softwood and highly compressed web board and a high proportion of synthetic resin.

Universal the 4 x 8 cm thick chords provide sufficient width for nailing plywood joints.

Low swelling behaviour due to the high proportion of glue, no dry cracks and torsion because of the web plate.

Technical Details

  • 11 lengths from 1.45 m to 5.90 m
  • Weight: 5.30 kg/m (production weight)
  • Permissible shear force: 11.00 kN
  • Permissible bending moment: 5.0 kNm
  • Flexural strength: EIy = 460 kNm², Iy = 4.181 cm⁴

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